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Donald Trump meets Twitter’s Jack Dorsey at White House – BBC News

“US President Donald Trump has met Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey at the White House to discuss social media. In a statement, Twitter said the pair spoke about “protecting the health of the public conversation” ahead of the US 2020 general election.” … Continue reading

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Coming to store shelves: cameras that guess your age and sex – SFGate

I’ll shop elsewhere! “Eyeing that can of soda in the supermarket cooler? Or maybe you’re craving a pint of ice cream? A camera could be watching you. But it’s not there to see if you’re stealing. These cameras want to … Continue reading

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Ben Carson Plans to Evict Illegals in HUD Housing to Make Room for Needy Americans – Big League Politics

“Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson announced plans to evict illegal immigrants from HUD housing in an effort to free up housing space, and leftists are complaining that the real problem is there is simply not enough housing available.” … Continue reading

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Climate change has claimed its 1st mammal and more species are expected to follow

“In late February, the Australian government recognized the extinction of the Bramble Cay melomys, and it is probably the first mammal to go extinct due to “human-induced climate change,” or anthropogenic climate change, according to a report by Queensland scientists.” via … Continue reading

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Fox News Runs Globalist Propaganda Vindicating Obama for Spying on Trump – Big League Politics

“Brazile claims that the Obama administration did everything in their power but were ultimately hamstrung about public perception. She maintains that he didn’t have a handle on his Justice Department because he was afraid it would look like he was … Continue reading

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PressTV-Huawei funded by Chinese state security: CIA

“The CIA accused Huawei of receiving funding from China’s National Security Commission, the People’s Liberation Army and a third branch of the Chinese state intelligence network, The Times, a British newspaper, said on Saturday.” via PressTV-Huawei funded by Chinese state security: … Continue reading

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New Mexico panel surprises Facebook with $39M utility bill

“The Public Regulation Commission’s on Tuesday ordered the Public Service Company of New Mexico to charge Facebook for nearly half the cost of the $85 million transmission project for its New Mexico data center that opened this year, the Albuquerque … Continue reading

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